Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Tailoring of Interfaces for Targeted Functionality and Enhanced Performance

Objectives and outcomes of the workshop:

The objectives of the mesoscale science workshop are: (1) to bring together the scientific community to Identify forefront research directions and opportunities for mesoscale science, and (2) to forge new partnerships and enhance existing collaborations among the scientific community in the field of mesoscale science. The the proceedings, findings, and recommendations of the workshop will be submitted for publication in the peer-reviewed literature as a review of the field of mesoscale science.

Scope and format of workshop:

The BESAC report "From Quanta to the Continuum: Opportunities for Mesoscale Science" identifies six (6) Priority Research Directions (PRDs) for mesoscale science. Three (3) PRDs most directly overlap with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's interests, capabilities and competencies:

  1. Mastering Defect Mesostructure and its Evolution;
  2. Optimizing Transport and Response Properties by Design and Control of Mesoscale Structure;
  3. Directing Assembly of Hierarchical Functional Materials.

As a result, the workshop will focus on the above topics. Moreover, an underlying theme of the workshop will be the control and tailoring of interfaces towards targeted functionality and enhanced performance.

The proposed structure of the workshop follows the general format used for the BES "Basic Research Needs" workshops .

Following a series of plenary and invited presentation, the workshop participants will break out into four (4) panels approximately aligned with the three topics indicated above:

The responsibilities of the panelists will be to present a perspective with a view towards the future (e.g., not a retrospective of accomplishments in their respective field of expertise), including: challenges and opportunities, research directions, knowledge gaps, scientific approach and methods, impact, and cross-cutting capabilities.

The break-out panel topics will include a discussion and integration of cross-cutting capabilities:

  • synthesis and fabrication;
  • advanced characterization; and
  • modeling and simulation.

Organizing Committee:

Yong Han,

Mukul Kumar,

Christian Mailhiot,

Robert Rudd,

Eric Schwegler,

Chris Spadaccini,

Tony van Buuren

Administrative Support:

Kim Elmore